sábado, septiembre 06, 2008

Welcome OpenSolaris

Few months ago, i was using OpenSolaris in a virtual way (across VirtualBox in my Linux box) but the performace is very poor (i' ve got 512 MB in RAM, but i think to upgrade my system !). After some experiments wit Solaris 10 (the installer is more ligth than OpenSolaris) i' ve decided to install OpenSolaris 2008.05 (Indiana) directly in the hard disk. The summary of process:

  • The autodetection of video card and monitor failed, but with the xorgconfig command (i remember my times with Debian Potato !), i fixed it.
  • The sound and network card works fine.
  • The installer is very easy, although is some slow. (The installation process take about 2 hours.)

  • In the boot process, this bug make presence:

    kcf: [ID 415456 kern.warning] WARNING: No randomness provider enabled for
    /dev/random. Use cryptoadm(1M) to enable a provider.

    I found some information about this bug in:


    Using the svcadm command, i get to enable the gdm service. In the same way, at the moment of power off the system, the call of shutdown command show other bug related with the RPC service, but in this URL, found the solution:


    TODO List:

    • Testing the Maxima stable release. (5.16)
    • Using DTrace to test and trace some programs.
    • Verify the compatibility with the ext2/3 file systems.
    • Testing the Java performance.

    My GRUB:

    Debian GNU/Linux 2.6.18
    OpenSolaris 2008.05
    FreeBSD 7.0 (must be repair ..:()

    Well, that's all folks !

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