martes, septiembre 16, 2008

Maxima 5.16.3 on OpenSolaris 2008.05/x86

The current stable release of Maxima is 5.16.3, which one works very good in my Linux box (Debian Lenny with GCL and CLisp), the whole test suite (a set of programs to test the Maxima infraestructure) was passed. Across the mailing list, some developers reported the successfully build of this release en several Linux flavors under many Lisp implementations (like GCL and CLisp); in the same way the reports about another UNIX platforms, but the OpenSolaris OS was not included.

As a new user of this operating system, i started the build of Maxima, with the CLisp 2.39 (i hope to try with others implementations, is a promise !) and the results are:
  • The installation of CLisp was perform across Blastwave Software Stack ([1], like other packages as GnuPlot.
  • The OpenSolaris's make implementation don't work with the Makefile generated with the configure script (make: Fatal error in reader: Makefile, line 659: Unexpected end of line seen); instead i used the GNU Make (gmake package).
  • The only test failed was rtest14.mac (errors 231, 232 and 242 - test_bessel).
  • At the moment to run make install, the share and contrib packages were not installed successfully, to solve the problem of loading packages, copy files at the MAXIMA_INSTALL_DIRECTORY (usually /usr/local/share/maxima/$maxima_version) in the share folder:

And now enjoy Maxima on OpenSolaris !.


With SBCL 1.0.7 the test suite works fine. No problems and errors.


[1] Good repository of Free/OpenSource Software for Solaris 10

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